Alicia P. Munoz Elementary School received recognition recently for successfully impacting student achievement in the area of Mathematics by utilizing an instructional program.

Munoz Elementary was awarded the 2017-18 Imagine Nation Beacon School Award from Imagine Learning, a developer of digital language, literacy, and math curricula for K-12 students. This award is given to campuses across the country that were innovative or exemplary in implementing Imagine Learning’s educational software. A total of 243 schools were selected for the honor of the nearly 22,000 campuses that apply Imagine Learning products. Munoz Elementary uses the Imagine Math program.

“Imagine Learning is pleased to inform you that Alicia P. Munoz Elementary has been selected as a 2017-18 Imagine Nation Beacon School,” Imagine Learning Chief Executive Officer Joe Swenson said in a statement. “Jesse Sanchez, your Imagine Learning area partnership manager, nominated your school for above-and-beyond enthusiasm and innovative use of Imagine Math. Please accept our heartfelt congratulations for achieving this honor.”

Munoz Elem. Student Body gathers to celebrate Imagine Nation Beacon School Award.

Munoz Elementary received a banner recognizing the campus and placed it on display for everyone to see. “We recognize that this achievement would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of many administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents,” Swenson said. “At Imagine Learning, we congratulate you on your high level of commitment, enthusiasm, and educational innovation.”

Munoz Elementary Principal Nelda Calderon said she was proud to see the students’ and staff’s work recognized. She said they started using Imagine Math during the 2016-17 school year. “We began to push the use of Imagine Math last year when we saw the alignment it had to the state assessments. We encouraged the teachers to utilize the program. They began to push and motivate the students and it became an expectation.”

Calderon believes Imagine Math is working because of this year’s improvements in student academic achievement. She said the fifth grade Math STAAR test scores increased compared to last year’s results. “Imagine Math is helping our students strengthen their individual math skills. It’s also helping students who are strong in math into higher levels. It allows us to provide individualized student practice and propels the students to keep moving forward.”


The students’ success became evident when their participation in friendly Imagine Math competitions against the other DISD elementary schools moved them into the championship position. They not only won but held on to the top spot for 12 consecutive rounds spanning two years of the challenge.

“The district trophy validates that we are heading in the right direction,” Calderon said. “Our students see that their hard work is paying off and it helps us maintain our momentum with the program. They’re enjoying math and eager to share their progress.”

Calderon said while Imagine Math has been a tremendous success, she will continue to research other opportunities to help the students maximize their academic skills.

“It is critical that we consistently find new ways to engage students in learning so they become active participants and see the joy of learning.”