Donna High School top-ranked senior Sarah R. Delgado represents what her teachers and administrators call a true academic stand out.

The DHS student attributes much of her success to her parents. Her mom and dad are her driving force Delgado said. Their support is deep and comes from within. “Neither of them graduated from high school much less attended college,” Delgado said. “They always use that to push me. They want me to go further than they did.”

Delgado remembers having the desire to learn and be noticed as early as pre-kinder. “When I was in Pre-K, I was the teacher’s pet or the number one student helping out,” Delgado recalled. “In elementary I had this motivation in me and was always pushing myself to be the best.”

As a high school student, Delgado continues to work hard and her results are paying off in a big way. Delgado accepted a plaque and $1,000 scholarship at KRGV-TV Channel 5’s Student of the Week grand finale Nov. 16. The special ceremony is held every year to recognize ten of the Valley’s brightest and rising students.

“When I found out that I was selected, I was completely filled with joy especially since the people I was going up against were all in the top of their class,” Delgado said. “They help out in their school and they are very active. And, the fact that I was featured as the first student in Channel 5’s Student of the Week series this year made me really, really happy. I started jumping up and down. I wanted to cry.”

Delgado believes her involvement in several student organizations is helping her become more well-rounded. Some of the positions she holds includes President of the Mexican American Studies Club, Student Body Chairperson for the Student Council, Historian for the History and Government Club, Secretary for the UIL Club and member of the National Honor Society.

“I represent not only my school but the Valley as being a student who is active and works extremely hard day in and day out,” Delgado said. “I am a part of a lot of different clubs but I still maintain my grade point average (GPA) and my rank. Receiving the title of Student of the Week made me realize all my hard work goes appreciated and goes noticed.”

Delgado is also a mentor for the Ambassador Program, participant in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and member of the AVID Club, Senior Class Club, and GEAR UP Program. Her other accomplishments include American Legion Auxiliary Girls State recipient and the National Society of High School Scholars participant.

Delgado said her parents have been by her side every step of the way. “Any little thing I ask, my parents are there for me,” Delgado said. “If I need something for a project especially at night my dad will go and get it for me. If I need a ride to my school for a Student Council meeting my mom automatically takes me. They always ask me how my day went, if I finished my homework, if I need help with my homework. They never tell me ‘no’ when it comes to school. They always push me to do my best.”

Delgado has applied to Brown University and Baylor University where she plans to pursue a degree in Neuroscience.