Students at Guzman Elementary have found a way to help others in need while working hard to improve their math skills.

As part of the Think Through Math Online program, fifth-grade students are racking up incentive points that will eventually count toward a monetary donation to their charity of choice St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I assigned a goal to each homeroom,” math teacher San Juanita Vasquez said. “What many schools do is count these points (through the program) so students can earn a pizza party. Rather than do this, our students are donating these points to St. Jude.”

For every 500,000 points accumulated, Think Through Math donates $50 to the school’s chosen charity. If each 5th grade homeroom meets the goal, St. Jude will receive $200 on behalf of Guzman Elementary. Vasquez said she hopes students will meet their goal by December, and create another goal during the second semester.

“Students are being generous to children who might not be as fortunate as them,” Vasquez said. “We plan to host our own pizza party either way to the homeroom that reaches their goal first.”

Think Through Math is an online supplemental math resource used at the Donna Independent School District. The program combines live teacher support, unique student motivation, and adaptive instruction in a web-based learning system that is proven to help students learn and love math,” according to its website.

It created the charitable points program to teach students lessons that go beyond the study of math, and help encourage a desire to help others.