The Donna Independent School District is among several Valley districts embracing technology in the classroom and work environment.

Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1, Donna ISD is launching a pilot of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative at Donna High School and Donna North High School. All students, teachers and  staff will be able to have access to DISD’s Wifi network on two personal mobile devices approved by their campus.

BYOD has proven to be beneficial in the classroom. “Donna ISD strongly supports the use of technology for the purpose of enhancing its curriculum and student learning by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication,” Technology Director David Chavez said. “DISD is committed to offer users access to its filtered computer networks, and will make every effort to protect students, teachers and staff from any misuses or abuses as a result of their experience.”

With BYOD technology in the classroom, students can easily collaborate on projects and even with students from other schools.  BYOD also allows students access to the most updated information available through ebooks/digital textbooks. In addition, BYOD prepares students for the workforce by providing them the opportunity to learn appropriate use of mobile devices which they will be using as future professionals.

DISD Academic Officer Belinda Cruz oversees the English Language and Social Studies curriculum and instruction across the district. She said BYOD technology is necessary in today’s society because it will help prepare students for success toward their goals in the competitive global electronic age. “It’s going to assist students in transitioning to the University setting and beyond,” Cruz said.