This week is Bus Safety Week and our students were in for a treat.

On October 18, 2016, bus drivers from Donna I.S.D. visited Truman Price Elementary to inform the students about students’ responsibilities while being transported on school buses.  These sessions, (Pre-K thru 2nd; 3rd-5th), took place at the Price pavilion.   The students were told about safety rules (such as what to do when waiting for a bus, how to cross the street safely to board the bus, and staying seated while the bus is moving.)  Students were told about why eating is not permitted on the bus (choking hazard & cleanliness), and about the importance of their behavior on the bus.  

Students were then allowed inside the school buses so that the drivers could explain about evacuating procedures.  Students were reminded that riding a school bus is a privilege.

We want to thank the following Donna I.S.D. bus drivers for caring about Truman Price students and taking the time to come and educate them on bus etiquette:  Domingo Cantu, Humberto Banuelos, Jessie Flores, Verna Lopez, Mr. Ramos, and Mr. Ortiz.  

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Story and Photos Submitted by

Josefina De La Garza, Media Specialist at T. Price Elementary