We all know that technology has become an integral part of students’ every day lives and school is no exception. For that reason computers and ipads are made available to students at Salinas Elementary.  These “digital natives” know how to navigate the latest technology and use it in their learning environment.  

Where will you find these “digital natives”? In the library of course!  

The library is a great place for them to reinforce their technology skills, and iPads are a great way to integrate innovative ways to read and do research. Students are reading e-books to learn about their topics of choice.  E-books (electronic books) have given students the opportunity to strengthen their comprehension skills as they read stories and novels without having to check out the book from the library, all they need to do is download it to their iPad and it’s immediatley available.

Students love using technology and what better way to assist in their learning than to have iPads available for them to use.  The librarian, teachers and administrators at Salinas Elementary know this and are using it to their advantage all for the academic success of their students.

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Story and Photos Submitted by

Rosalia Rohr, Media Specialist at Salinas Elementary