Fifth grade students from Eloy G. Salazar Elementary celebrate “El Grito” by learning about Mexican Culture and what is celebrated. The Grito commemorates 16th of September 1810, when a parish priest in the town of Dolores in the State of Guanajuato, Miguel Hidalgo, rang the church bells and called his parishioners to fight for independence. The movement for Mexican independence started with this act. Students participated and after a day of learning, they gathered to celebrate with a feast that included tamales, salsas, sweet bread and other Mexican dishes.

“We should feel empowered by where we came from and who we are, not hide it. It is important to acknowledge that everything we do affects our ancestors as much as they have affected us.”

― Lorin Morgan-Richards


(L-R) Yanelly Lopez, Violet Segura, Berenice Sustaita, Alyah Arredondo, Evalyn Zamarripa, Yazmin Vasques, Alexia Lara, Halen De Leon, (Kneeling) Jesus Vazquez

Story and Photo Submitted by

Leticia C. Chavez, Principal at E.G. Salazar Elementary