Children with cancer spend the majority of their time in a hospital or treatment clinic rather than in school or doing things that healthy kids do. They often have little interaction with other children. The Tree of Hope allows our students and staff to write inspiring messages for these children. It serves as a messenger of sorts, so that these children know that they are not alone in their fight. The messages are written on a gold (yellow) awareness ribbon, symbolic for childhood cancer, because when we think of “gold”, we think of precious metal, but “gold”, in this instance represents so much more. It represents the most precious thing we know: our children. Our students will have all month to leave a message of hope on our tree and we will then collect them and deliver them to a local hospital with a Pediatric Oncology Unit.

Our hope is that the messages will inspire the patients to continue to fight their cancer and so they know that they are not alone.

Anna Balli, Nurse – Salinas Elem. 


Story and Photo Submitted by

Rosalia Rohr, Media Specialist, Salinas Elem.