Donna ISD’s Social Studies teachers have a lot to be proud of!  Their students ranked the 3rd best score among Region One school districts.  These teachers’ hard work and dedication is evident. Their scores attest to their collaborative effort to the  improvement of student’s education with Donna High School scoring a 97% passing rate and Donna North High School scoring a 94.89% passing rate. Under the direction of Social Studies Director Stephanie Powelson-Garza, strategists Allison Ortega and Jessica Cabrera, positive changes have been taking place in their teaching and learning outcomes. 

It it important to note that ALL four middle schools received distinction for Academic Achievement in Social Studies!

The hard work and commitment of the social studies teachers and strategists over the past two years has been amazing. The growth we have achieved is unprecedented. This success is not accidental. It is the direct result of strategic planning, excellent teaching and a desire to be the best. I couldn’t be more proud.

Stephanie Powelson-Garza, Social Studies Director

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